Cover Reveal: The Vampire Curse – Royal Covens Books 1-3

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I’ve been dying to announce this. Royal Covens has gotten a makeover! It is now (more appropriately) titled “The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens Books 1-3” and has been given a new cover and interior refresh with a fancy new title page. If you want to see that you’ll have to download the book The content has NOT changed. This is simply rebranding to keep up with market changes and I feel this represents the story better as well.

If you already own this collection and would like the new cover loaded to your device, please contact Amazon and ask them to push the latest update to your device.

You will have to ask a customer service rep to help you with this if you’ve already bought or downloaded this book. Sorry. Amazon is stinky. (Make sure to give them the ASIN)
–> https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us


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The Vampire Curse: Royal Covens Books 1-3

Four sexy vampires. One feisty female. An ancient curse that’ll test them all.

I might suck at casting spells, but activating a 1,000-year-old vampire curse is a pretty bad screw-up, even for me.


Now Iโ€™m at the mercy of four stupidly-sexy vampires. With my initiation into the Royal Covens only three days away, I really donโ€™t have time for this shit.

My vampires pose as my warlock mentors and promise to teach meย how to hide what I really am: a reincarnation of some ancient and powerful witch. They want to get into the Royal Covens and reinstate me to my “rightful place,” whatever that means.

I think they’re just telling me that to get in my pants.

What my vampires don’t hide is their hunger for me, both for my blood and my body. That dangerous kind of thrill is going to get me into serious trouble.

The Vampire Curse is a complete series of Royal Covens Books 1-3 where the main character does not have to choose between four vampires, or the new hotties introduced in books 2 and 3, and ends up with six guys. There are definitely steamy scenes, so if you don’t like a little bite with your vampires you’ve been warned!

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