Cover Reveal! Fortune Academy Underworld Book 4 (Part II)

Underworld FA1
Series 3: Fortune Academy Underworld (Part II)

Fortune Academy: Book Four is officially up for pre-order!

I usually keep my series to 3 books, but I’ve been planning an expansion for Lily’s story for a while now. I’m glad, because even after writing 65,000 words for book 3, I didn’t feel anywhere close to wrapping up this series and Lily and her Virtues definitely need more books. So fortunately, or unfortunately if you hate cliffies, there’s more on the way! Although Fortune Academy: Year Three doesn’t have a terrible cliffhanger this time, I promise lol.

Welcome to Fortune Academy Underworld, a place where supernaturals can feel at home.

And now I know exactly what the hell I am.
I’m a tribrid. Part succubus, part Demonspawn, and part angel. I earned my wings when I made the ultimate sacrifice for my mates by dying for them. Now I’m reborn as the Princess of Hell.

Too bad that doesn’t exempt me from my classes.

Fortune Academy has changed. When the gates of Hell opened up, it merged with its counterpart and became something new. We’re building an army to fight Lucifer, but all the supernaturals flooding through the iron gates are lost, confused, and in desperate need of training.

Including the mass of fallen angels that followed me from Purgatory.
As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, one of the hottie winged males claims to be my new Virtue. His complete and utter devotion is a hard contrast to the mates I’ve come across so far and I wonder if it’s too good to be true.
I’m pretty sure I hit my head when I fell from Heaven, because I think I’m starting to enjoy school.

Fortune Academy Underworld is Book 4 in a NA paranormal academy romance series with fated mates where there’s no choosing required. As this is a series, there will be a cliffhanger. *As with all J.R. Thorn pre-orders, due to her 8-month-old baby making deadlines challenging, the release date displayed on Amazon is a placeholder and official release date announcements will be made in the newsletter!*
FA4 —-> https://geni.us/FortuneAcademy4


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