J.R. Thorn is a Reverse Harem Romance author. She loves to write books with snappy plot arcs amplified (but not dominated) by sexy characters that won’t let you stop reading!

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Personal Statement from Jen Thorn

Why do I write? That’s the question authors often find they can’t answer, they’re driven to write by the voices in their head. I realized that I had a deeper reason, but I couldn’t articulate it until I became a EMDR Patient.

EMDR is a specific type of trauma therapy that is designed to reprogram the brain and how it recalls traumatic memories. Each memory is meticulously reprogrammed with something that feels like magic or hypnosis, but it’s just science. By “reprogramming” a positive connotation with each memory, it’s possible to rewrite the trauma response associated with those memories, and consequentially the very physical health impacts of unprocessed trauma (migraines, muscle tension, insomnia, inflammation, nerve issues–if this sounds like you don’t be surprised.)

I realize that I’ve gone darker with my books, and that’s because I want to help others to do something that EMDR accomplishes. By living the main character’s life as she experiences trauma, but in this case there is always a happy ending, it can change how the mind processes that particular trauma.
Not everyone has healthcare options. Not everyone even knows something like EMDR exists. But books? Books we can do.
In a continued effort to help others, I have compiled a list of what triggers/trauma is addressed in some of my books. It’s by no means a complete list, but it’s a start.

Click Here to be taken to the Trigger Book List. 


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