Elemental Fae Academy Bonus Story

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“You can’t keep this up forever,” I growled, taking note of the silver streaks running through his dark hair. “You’re expending yourself to dangerous levels. Don’t risk yourself for me, Vox. Don’t be a moron.”

Vox’s defiance said he’d drain the entire Source of the Four Winds if he had to just to keep me in one piece. “Claire would never forgive me if I gave up on you now.”

I couldn’t help but smirk at that. “Are you doing this for Claire?”

Vox’s grip on me tightened. “Partly,” he said, his tone turning husky.

“And the other part?” I pushed as I reached up and gripped one of his wrists. Our elements fought one another, my earth wanting to choke and crush, his winds keeping me pinned in place.

My other hand went to his waistband and tugged him closer. A flare of arousal lit Vox’s eyes. Vox and I had always had a special relationship, but never a sexual one.

Now that we were part of the same mate-circle, had shared our mate together, there was definitely an edge to our relationship that hadn’t been there before. Or perhaps it had existed all along and I just hadn’t recognized it for what it was.

Vox and I had a growing tension between us… and that tension needed resolving.

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