Fortune Academy Underworld Episodes

I’m excited to announce special episodes that reveal intimate scenes and secrets from the points of view of Lily’s mates! Fortune Academy is written exclusively from Lily’s point of view, however these episodes will let you in on what her guys are thinking!

These episodes are intended to be short. You can grab your free copy by supporting new releases of Fortune Academy, but if you miss your chance, the episodes are available at a price of $2.99. Please keep in mind that these are intended to be short scenes and range from 5,000 – 10,000 words.

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Start with Episode 1:
BurninHell-f (1)
Fortune Academy Underworld: Episode 1

Features Dante, Hendrik, and Cole, including a M/M scene between Hendrik and Dante.


If I don’t find an outlet for this rage, I’m going to lose my shit.

Lily is off limits. Ever since we got back to Fortune Academy it’s been too dangerous to get anywhere near her. For her sake, I keep my distance. 

The rage demon that’s corrupted our mate-circle has gotten under my skin… and he knows it.

*  *  *

– Dante –

“Are you feeling sorry for yourself again?” a male voice teased, filtering into the room as the Dark Mage walked right past my wards.

“Go away, Hendrik,” I growled. 

Hendrik stepped out of the shadows as he peeled off his coat. “I could use another session,” he said, grinning as he gave the offer to spar a double-meaning. 

“Last time was a mistake,” I snapped as I went back to the vampire stake I was working on. I sliced my dagger over the tip, sending a tendril of wood falling to the ground. “We’re just being influenced by the demon.”

“I kind of like it,” he admitted as he ran his fingers over the weapons on the wall. He glanced at me when he picked a short fighting stick. “Do you think you can beat me this time?”

A grin spread across my face as the thrill of violence surged through me. I took on his taunt, wasting no time with my attack, but the Dark Mage was ready for me and shoved me hard enough against the wall to snap a rib. I released a breath and went still, letting the bone knit back into one piece.

“Do you feel it?” he asked, his breath hot on my cheek.

“I… don’t know what you’re talking about,” I lied. My strength had its limits and the Dark Mage knew it. I needed time to regenerate, or magic. Neither of which I had access to right now.

He continued to wear me out, forcing me to strain against him to catch tiny gulps of air to stay conscious. 

“Concede, or I won’t be able to stop,” he warned. 

The dark edge of his voice said he needed one of two things right now to take off the demon’s edge. 

Murder… or sex, and I had a feeling I knew which one he wanted from me.

*  *  *

“Burn in Hell” is Episode 1 in the Fortune Academy Underworld Episodic series. This is a short read of 5,000 words intended to be read after Fortune Academy: Year Three, but can also be read as a standalone. Episodes feature Lily’s mates with all scenes written from the guys’ point of view. Episode 1 features Points of View from Dante and Cole, featuring a M/M scene between Dante and Hendrik and includes inside secrets not otherwise revealed in the Fortune Academy series.

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Episode 2: Burn in Rage

Lily thinks she can just waltz right back into my life.

Doesn’t she know the shit I’ve been through? Doesn’t she know that when she left me, she took away the last piece of my soul that made me human?
No, I’m a slave to my rage and I accepted that a long time ago.
My vow is to kill Cole one of these days—but the Virtue bond won’t let me. It’s twisted everything that I stand for. I take out my rage on Hendrik and I allow him to take his out on me. When Lily brings Cole to us, she should have expected a bloodbath.

Instead, she brought us to our knees.

Episode 3: Burn in Brilliance

An angel woke me from my slumber.
She is my world.
She is my goddess.
Any who defy her will answer to me.

I am a harsh contrast to Lily’s Virtues, but rage is not in my nature. Righteous anger? F- yeah.
Starting with that a–hole demon who thinks he knows everything. I’ll show him what happens when he messes with an Angel of Torment.

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