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20-053 JR Thorn Taming my Betas

Fortune Fae Academy Episodes are delicious M/M erotic shorts with shocking scenes that were too dark to put in the book — and that’s saying something, so hold onto your Fortune Cards for this wild ride!

These episodes are sold direct from the author so  you will be given the files directly to download onto your Kindle device. There is a support team if you run into any issues. Delivery is supported by Bookfunnel.

~ Taming my Betas: Excerpt ~

“You need to knot an Omega,” I said, even though I knew he didn’t want to hear it. “It’s just temporary until—”

My Alpha moved so fast that I didn’t have time to block his fist from connecting with my face. My head lashed to the side from the impact and my lip split, sending blood splattering to the floor.

“You will never make that suggestion again,” he ordered with a growl to his words that made me gasp with need.

Sometimes I hated the power he had over my body. No matter how far I’d come in my journey to achieve Alpha status, Seifiek had a way of reminding me that I was still his Beta.

“Of course,” I said through my clenched teeth. My mind searched for another answer to our predicament when the Web suddenly provided one.

A beacon caught my attention as if a siren had gone off and both Seifiek and myself jerked our heads to the source. His eyes flashed silver as he stepped into the Web, even though he should save his precious Dust stores.

“Let me check it out,” I told him, glad when he growled at me instead of hitting me again.
“The Betas are surrendering,” he observed. “Bring them to me.

It is recommended to read Fortune Fae Academy Book One before reading Taming my Betas.

Future episodes will be available as free bonuses when you download Fortune Fae Academy Book 2 as a pre-order or during the first week of release. For those who miss out on the promotional period, I will be selling new episodes direct on my website on this page. As always, thank you for supporting my work and my family by reading my crazy stories. Sometimes my mind goes to dark places and my characters endure tough situations. Even if something is hard for me to write, I stay true to my characters and I don’t sugarcoat what’s going on with them, even if I have to get creative with how I share their scenes. 

* * *

If you aren’t aware, Fortune Fae Academy is a spin-off series of the larger world I have written with Lexi C. Foss, starting with Elemental Fae Academy that features Claire’s story as she conquers the plague that Gina prophesied and continues on with our own solo series, however we still heavily collaborate to make our worlds seamlessly connect and overlap and guest appearances of your favorite characters from the other realms regularly appear.

Read Aflora’s story, the Earth Fae Royal, as she’s captured by her sexy harem and taken to Midnight Fae Academy where you’ll meet Shade again, as well as some badass Midnight Fae that’ll make your blood turn hot. 

Finally, if you want more academy from me, be sure to check out my most popular series “Fortune Academy,” not to be confused with “Fortune Fae Academy!” This is an entirely different universe, but one that is just as large and complex with plenty of sexy males to keep you warm at night.

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