Trigger Book List: Reprocess Your Trauma by Living Her Life With a Happy Ending; EMDR Method

Have trauma? EMDR is a scientific method that addresses trauma. Books can do that too. Scroll down for a list of books with their triggers.**

Dubious Consent / Sexual Assault

Fortune Fae Academy

A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Paranormal Romance. Dark Triggers include dubious consent, sexual assault, and sexual violence.

Pregnancy Trauma

Elemental Fae Queen

This book is a happy version of pregnancy and delivery. Rewrite a traumatic experience by living a positive pregnancy and delivery through Claire’s perspective.

Overbearing Parents / Unrealistic Expectations in Childhood

Unicorn Shifter Academy

While a fun and light read, Unicorn Shifter Academy tackles the very real trauma of unrealistic pressures parents can place on their children.


Fortune Academy

Bullying can be an isolating and ugly experience. Fortune Academy embraces addressing bullies and coming out stronger in the end.

Religious Cult Upbringing / Extreme Naivety

Captured by the Fae King

It is a very difficult kind of isolation that comes from being raised in a cult or extremely religious family. I am religious myself, religion is not the issue here. It is the abuse and fear that can come from extremism and how those in power will use religion to further their power. This is a thought-provoking (and entertaining!) read.

**EMDR Rule: Rate your trigger from 0-10. If you go above a 7, stop. Processing cannot happen in a completely triggered state. This is not medical advice and is intended as opinion content only. I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR A LICENSED THERAPIST. See a professional therapist or doctor to properly address any health concerns.

Why do I write? That’s the question authors often find they can’t answer, they’re driven to write by the voices in their head. I realized that I had a deeper reason, but I couldn’t articulate it until I became a EMDR Patient.

EMDR is a specific type of trauma therapy that is designed to reprogram the brain and how it recalls traumatic memories. Each memory is meticulously reprogrammed with something that feels like magic or hypnosis, but it’s just science. By “reprogramming” a positive connotation with each memory, it’s possible to rewrite the trauma response associated with those memories, and consequentially the very physical health impacts of unprocessed trauma (migraines, muscle tension, insomnia, inflammation, nerve issues–if this sounds like you don’t be surprised.)

I realize that I’ve gone darker with my books, and that’s because I want to help others to do something that EMDR accomplishes. By living the main character’s life as she experiences trauma, but in this case there is always a happy ending, it can change how the mind processes that particular trauma.

Not everyone has healthcare options. Not everyone even knows something like EMDR exists. But books? Books we can do.

In a continued effort to help others, I have compiled a list of what triggers/trauma is addressed in some of my books. It’s by no means a complete list, but it’s a start.

If any of my books have helped you process trauma that are not listed here, please reach out to me by Clicking Here so I can update this list. Otherwise, if my books have helped you in any way, I love to hear from readers on social media. Tag me so I can celebrate with you!

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